186 Westminster

Our Westminster grand is both, "very British" and a genuine Seiler through and through. A somewhat understated décor, perfection right down to the last detail and uncompromising when making precise interpretations of even the most demanding piano music.


Dimensions and weight

186 Louvre

Our reminiscence of the time of great kings and artists. The lid is made of radial laid cherry wood and framed by a classy contrasting band of inlays. Unobtrusively playful, the inlays and ornaments made of rosewood, myrtle and walnut make this grand piano a masterpiece of our wood artists.

Dimensions and weight


186 Prado

Inspired by the Mediterranean way of life, our model Prado displays fiery images in expressive variations, generously curved in noble olive ash and excitingly pointed in redwood tree.

The delicately perforated music stand alone is a masterpiece of craftsmanship still unparalleled.


Dimensions and weight


186 Florenz

An exciting break of smooth surfaces and lively grains, framed with precious inlays by our skilled craftsmen – All this makes the Florence an instrument for musicians with heart and passion.

Dimensions and weight

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