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Building a piano is a question of attitude


Does the perfect piano exist?

Since 1849, we have been asking ourselves this question again and again. The answer to this question has made the name SEILER famous all over the world. Because a "genuine SEILER" not only contains the knowledge and experience of four generations of highly developed piano manufacturing art.

Again and again, we have developed what we have achieved with the courage to innovate. Thus, we have not simply preserved the unmistakable, transparent SEILER sound. With new ideas and patents, with the most modern technology and the still indispensable craftsmanship of our piano builders, we have opened up new possibilities for pianists and artists all over the world to interpret the music of the old and contemporary masters in an individual and contemporary way.

We remain committed to this high quality standard for the future. Because SEILER grand and upright pianos are much more than

high-quality instruments. They are unique pieces made by master craftsmen that accompany their owners for decades. For the joy

of life and the love of music.

In every beginning lies a bit of magic ....

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