Silent Systems

Playing without being heard? Your real Seiler connected to computer, stereo, sound modules and synthesizers? Silent systems make it possible.


At Seiler you can choose between the following options:




KORG Hybrid Piano KS-320/KHP-2000


Seiler Design-Pedals


Give your Seiler piano a modern and elegant touch. Upgrade your instrument with these straight-line design pedals in classy chrome.

Chrome fittings and wheels


We please every taste. That’s why you can get fittings and wheels in modern chrome instead of classic brass on all grand and upright pianos (except Ritmo!).

Leadless Keyboard



Let’s go into the future together and completely do without toxic lead in your piano.

On request, we use a high-density plastic for the balance weights of the keys.

Advantages are apparent:

  • no more toxic lead in the piano

  • no blooming of lead

  • no hanging or bursting keys

  • no weakening of the keys by drilling


Small surcharge - great effect. Improve the repetition of your concert piano with our Super Magnet Repetition (SMR). Enjoy playing like on a grand piano – no wearing off, no maintenance.
Read more under Seiler – Techniques.

Custom Solutions

More extras and custom solutions on request. Read more under Craftsmanship