Leadless Keyboard


This allows us to completely dispense with toxic lead in the piano.

Instead of lead we use a high-density plastic for the balance weights of the keys. Weighing is done by removing weight from this plastic.


Advantages are apparent:

  • no more toxic lead in the piano

  • no blooming of lead

  • no hanging or bursting keys

  • no weakening of the keys by drilling

Membrator System


Improves the resonance characteristics of the soundboard and leads to the perfection of the typical, transparent Seiler sound.

Tone Volume Stabiliser 


Guarantees permanent additional sound volume and projection due to improved elasticity and tension of the soundboard.

Frenator System


Avoids unintended closing of the fallboard and thus improves comfort and safety.

SMR (Super-Magnet-Repetition)

Ensures an unsurpassed repetition speed for uprights. 

Two magnets, which repel each other, are built into a conventional action. So the jack returns more quickly under the hammer but and is ready again for the next keystroke.No wearing off, no maintenance.