Cooperation with Carl A. Pfeiffer under way

Daniel Kwon, CEO of the Pianofortefabrik Seiler GmbH, and Dr. Georg Pfeiffer, Managing Director and owner of the company Carl A. Pfeiffer, have signed an agreement for future cooperation.

Julius Feurich (Production Manager, Seiler), Dr. Georg Pfeiffer (Managing Director and owner, Carl A. Pfeiffer) and Daniel Kwon (CEO, Seiler) are looking forward to the cooperation of their companies.

The Seiler Pianofortefabrik has made considerable investments in production in recent years. Above all, woodworking and surface technology meet the latest quality standards. In these areas the two companies will work together. Thus, the combination of manual manufacturing and batch fabrication with cost savings is possible. Naturally, the characteristics and differences of the Pfeiffer and Seiler instruments will continue to exist due to the independent constructions, says Julius Feurich, Seiler’s production manager.

The Pfeiffer pianos are going to be manufactured in the previous quality and design on machines and devices provided by the company Pfeiffer. In addition to direct sales in the Greater Stuttgart area the Pfeiffer pianos are sold via specialist dealers throughout Europe.

In the medium run, a cooperation is planned for sales of Pfeiffer pianos in Asia. Seiler’s Korean parent company, Samick, has a well-developed dealer network in all Asian countries. There will be country-specific agreements about these distribution channels at a later stage.