Design and Innovation - Musikmesse 2018 in Frankfurt

Maintaining and expanding contacts, exchanging news and tracking trends - participating in the European Piano Salon at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt is always a highlight for Seiler. It was great to meet some of you in person during these four days of the show, but we’d also like to share a few stories with those who could not be present. Between tasty ideas like a beer pouring piano, live concerts and bright lights of other piano makers Seiler could also contribute some interesting news.

Our brand new patent, the leadless keyboard, caused quite a stir among experts. And our elaborately finished design pianos proved to be real spectator magnets, e.g. the 116 Impuls white polished with brushed oak or the 112 Modern with a real slate veneer – Direct quote of a customer: “Of course, Seiler even bends stone“.

We were especially delighted that Julia Fuckerer joined us for the Musikmesse in Frankfurt and has become a member of the Seiler family. Julia will from now on put all her efforts into marketing, sales and PR for Seiler: “I am looking forward to working in this business, especially to corresponding with our customers and fans. To get even more people enthusiastic about our instruments is a worthwhile occupation“.